Benefits of Using the DIFMA

Comparison of:

Standard Style Manual Flow Meter

  • Able to get a basic tune done with no verifiable results – Reliant on hand written results in a hot, dirty, oily environment which are then calculated after the fact.
  • Mining Design Guidelines MDG41 (NSW) and the draft version, recognised standard – Fluid Power Safety in Coal Mines (QLD) has defined areas where maintainers are required to work within 1m of pressure exceeding 750 PSI as High Risk – The industry “standard” doesn’t comply with this, requiring the use of manually operated valves.
  • Only capable of testing one pump at a time unless you run two separate flow meters – Double the setup required, resulting in increased delays and more time to complete the job.
  • No way of getting an accurate, detailed look at pump and regulator health.

How test results are tracked on some flow tests using standard flow meters.

The Dual Input Flow Meter Assembly DIFMA

  • Reduced Maintenance costs – Machines running in an optimised state, results in less fuel burn, less running cost and reduced breakdowns.
  • Increased maintainer safety – The ability to fully control the DIFMA from up to 10m away, removes the maintainer from the immediate vicinity of high pressure fluid.
  • Reduced down time – Dual pump inputs and a single return results in a more streamlined process, less hosing, quicker adjustment and test process means less machine downtime while achieving a more thorough result.
  • Repeatable, reliable and trackable results every time – Build up and track a historical database of your machines hydraulic system.
  • Ability to take an in-depth look at the hydraulic system and individual pump “health” – No other test equipment gives you this much of an insight into pump and regulator health.
  • Ability to schedule component changeouts ahead of unplanned failures – Better planning results in less down time and unplanned breakdown events.
  • Complies with Mining Design Guidelines MDG41 (NSW) and the draft version for QLD, Recognised Standard – Fluid Power Safety in Coal Mines (QLD) – Fully audited by a third party TUV certified consultant.
  • Proven track record of safe, efficient, repeatable results over a large number of flow tests – 1000’s of individual pumps tested, years of R&D, accurate results every time.
The DIFMA remote control display case
Remote Controlled: The DIFMA electronic control unit is setup away from the flow meter assembly and removes the technician from the line of fire and high pressure hydraulic hazards.